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About InfoHealth


Our mission is to provide comprehensive

international organizational accreditation,

global regulatory compliance,

and quality management services for cellular based treatment programs and storage facilities.  

Our goals are to deliver what we promise,

exceed expectations, on time, and at competitive value.

InfoHealth began as a company aimed at effectively addressing the ongoing changes in requirements for accreditation in cellular based therapy and regenerative medicine.

Our founder was interested in developing a comprehensive and internationally relevant solution to regulatory accreditation and quality management requirements. Inspired to fill this need, InfoHealth provides a wide range of services to improve the operations of medically related organizations, including operational guidance, technology and manpower consultation.

Meet The Team

Dr. Asawari Bapat

Director Quality and Regulatory Affairs
DPB (clinical Pathology), MBBS, PGDHHM (Hospital and Healthcare Management)

Mr. Ayub Kalaff

Healthcare Strategy - Business Development - Healthcare Technology - Operations

History Of InfoHealth

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